Jeff MacLoue

Hi there, I am Jeff MacLoue, professional IT consultant and freelance Linux sysadmin, and this is my home page - well, at least an attempt at this.

You can find my CV here. No PDF version for now though.

Tips, tricks, random thoughts

25 Sep 2018, finally managed to put together a CV which is not overly long and bragging. After almost 20 years it was quite a complex task which took me almost a year to complete, and I am not particularly proud of the result as it is. However I'm always dissatisfied with my code, probably the same thing.

19 Oct 2017, modernized the site a bit - and took the CV down for now as it is in dire need of updating. In case you are wondering - I'm a system administrator/DevOps Engineer with 15+ years of experience, mostly Linux in general and LAMP/LEMP stack in particular, know a thing or two about almost everything related. My skills are exceptional and hourly rate quite affordable, I'm based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, prefer to work part-time or telecommute - and, most importantly, not ready/don't want to relocate. If you are looking to hire me - contact me at

24 May 2014, decided to write down some negative thoughts on Ruby language.

06 Sep 2014, after a few hours spent tracking down some not so obvious bug listed some tips on how to waste time. Well, actually I thought it may be helpful to write down things I have trouble to remember - chances are I will remember them next time I face the same problem.

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