Jeff MacLoue

I am a versatile Linux expert, skilled System Administrator and DevOPS Engineer, with 20+ years of working experience in the field. Through the career I have worked with many different development teams, and performed CI/CD tasks before they started calling them so. As part of my job I have planned and implemented development and production environments for many projects, ranging from simple web applications to high-load web clusters.

I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and looking for work as a freelance or telecommuting DevOPS Engineer, though a full-time (or, preferrably, part-time) office job is also negotiable.

My hourly rate depends on particular project but usually I try to set it between USD 22 and USD 25 per hour.



Skype: jmacloue

GitHub: jmacloue

BitBucket: jmacloue


I mostly rely on my knowledge of principles and technologies rather than knowledge of particular pieces of software - this allows me to be quite flexible and attend to different projects' needs easily. I also try to be a quick learner - my vast knowledge of technologies helps with this too.

As an avid Linux enthusiast I am strongly inclined towards open-source software, and as a rule do not enjoy working with proprietary software. So, for example, for a project I would suggest PostgreSQL or MySQL rather than Oracle. Though, of course, if it runs on Linux - I can deploy it quite fine.

Also I possess little to no MS Windows skills, and not looking to improve this.

Among other things I dislike there are Ruby language (nothing good was ever written in Ruby) and Docker platform (it is very dangerous in unskilled hands - and most of the hands are not skilled enough to use it properly). I am also rather sceptical about server-side JavaScript - this one is just plain ugly, and enjoys living in "DLL hell" too much.


I have tried to list all the things I have worked with. The list is not exclusive, if something is not mentioned - feel free to ask.

Networks: TCP/IP (not much IPv6 yet), static/dynamic routing, firewalls, NAT, VPNs (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN).

Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS (Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, Varnish Cache, Squid Cache, etc), DNS (ISC Bind, NLnet Labs NSD, dnsmasq), SMTP (Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, qmail, etc), POP3/IMAP4 (UW IMAP, popa3d, Cyrus IMAP, Courier IMAP, Dovecot).

Web services: PHP (mod_php, PHP-FPM, etc), Python (Django, CherryPy, uWSGI), Perl (CGI/FastCGI, PSGI, a bit of mod_perl), Java (Apache Tomcat, Jetty), some NodeJS (ExpressJS, PM2).

Misc databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL. MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Redis, memcached, Hazelcast IMDG, etc

Message Queues: RabbitMQ, Apache ActiveMQ, some Apache Kafka.

Version control: Git, Subversion, CVS, a bits of Mercurial, Bazaar and RCS, etc.

Build systems: GNU autotools, cmake, SConstruct, make, Apache Ant, Maven, Gradle.

CI/CD tools: Jenkins (personal favorite; pipelines, Job DSL, plugins), Hudson, TeamCity, Bamboo, CodeShip/CodeShip Pro, etc.

Configuration Management: Ansible (personal favorite), a bit of Salt. Bits of Chef and Puppet. Some R(?)ex and CFEngine.

Monitoring: Nagios, Munin, Monit, Zabbix.

Backups: Amanda, MySQL-ZRM, Bacula, custom scripts.

Linux: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora... All of them. .deb, preseeding. RPM, kickstart.

Virtualization: QEMU, libvirt+QEMU, some VirtualBox, a bit of Xen.

Cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (10+ years), some DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud, etc.

Scripting: Bash (expert), Perl (expert), Python (good and improving), some Groovy (enough for Jenkins and Gradle), Guile and Lua, etc. Can read PHP, Java, Scala, JavaScript, C/C++, Rust, Go Language, etc.

Notable collaborations

2003-present, Forma-Pro Development company. I have been working with them more or less constantly both as a developer (a few years with limited success) and as SysAdmin/DevOPS Engineer, though lately there are not many tasks of the kind.

2014-present, Sigma Software, DevOPS Engineer, AWS Expert. I have participated in several their projects hosted at Amazon, and provide advice in all things related to AWS.

2008-2014, undisclosed company running a high-scale dating web site. I have planned, deployed and maintained their whole production environment (high-load web cluster, master/slave MySQL servers, high-volume e-mail list, streaming video, monitoring, backups, etc), provided advice to developers on web technologies, negotiated server purchase, etc. Pretty much acted as CTO for a few years. Left the project because of slow (if any) adoption of new technologies though I feel I am partly responsible for this.


I have graduated cum laude from Kharkiv National University, department of Applied Mathematics. However it did not give me many (or, in fact, any) relevant skills - I am largely self-taught and gained most of my knowledge from experience and reading docs, specs and standards.

Also I have little regard to certificates and formal training. Of course I use course materials and mock exams as a source of information, but never bothered to take an exam or get a certificate.

Personal traits

Generally I am not a people's person - slow to connect with people and try to keep to myself. I do not enjoy group activities much and tend to avoid them if possible.

I prefer written communication (e-mails, tickets, chats) to live ones (phone, Skype, etc), and working remotely if a project permits.

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